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tagged by :iconneko-hanyou-sakura:

Thanks for doing this! Anything to say before we get started?

I have a fuck ton of OCs, so I'm only gonna do a few. Mainly my YGO/YGO 5D's ones, maybe my Sonic ones and a couple of others thrown in for good measure. For my full list of characters (though it hasn't been updated for some time), go here.

Let’s start off with a basic question… Do you have any favorite character/s?

Mirage, because she's unpredictable and such a good anti-hero that no one knows whether to love or hate her.
Carrie, because she's gone through hell and back and is still relatively strong.
Kara, because she pulls a tough guy act but is really struggling to be human and live normally.
All of my fox OCs, mutant or Mobian, because though they are similar in some ways they are different and cool and I like foxes.

Which one/ones of your characters is naturally beautiful?

Not Mirage, sadly. I mean, if she was a normal human with her appearance, then yes, she would be naturally beautiful, but since she's a ten thousand-year-old spirit, her current beauty isn't really natural.
Carrie, Jessica, Kara, Kahlan, and Iris are all naturally beautiful.
Feena, Star, Fang, and Alicia are also.
Vixen and co. in TMNT are, though it's hard to see unless you are also a mutant because they're not human and that scares people.

In contrast, which one/ones of your characters have to make themselves beautiful?


Ah, how wonderful... But which one of your characters is most desired by others?

Carrie and Kara, the former because her friends think she's cool and also she was the Queen of Games and is awesome and the latter only really during her prostitute life.
Feena has a couple of beaus.
So does Vixen.

Does anyone hold a candle to them?


Screw fairest! Who is the smartest of them all?

AI, because she's a freaking computer program.
Feena is also fairly smart to where she is able to pull things over on Tails if she needs to do so.
Uh dur... Who's not the sharpest tool in the shed?

Jessica, because she's a teenage girl driven by her heart over all things.
Who's read the most?


Who’s the most active?

They're all pretty active.

Can anyone sing?

All. Though Carrie and Jessica aren't the best at it, Kahlan sucks, and Iris doesn't do so often. Feena and other aforementioned Mobians are part of a band, so I hope they can sing...

What about instruments?

Feena plays electric guitar, Star plays piano/keyboard, Fang plays drums, and Alicia can play a variety of instruments but usually is on bass guitar.

I have couple questions~ Who do you think will be getting married?

Carrie, Jessica, Kara, and Kahlan will be getting married for sure. Aside from Carrie (whose husband depends on the story),  Jessica will marry Mokuba, Kara will marry Yusei, and Kahlan will marry Crow. AI and Noah might get married, but I'm not sure.
Feena marries Knuckles, Star eventually will be with Tails, and Fang and Alicia will be married someday.

Any couples that don’t tie the knot?

Mirage and Bakura, but this one should be obvious considering he dies at the end of the series and she is immortal until a point in my 5D's timeline when she is put to rest for good.
My mutant couples in TMNT won't marry only because there are more pressing matters to deal with at all times. Maybe they'll wear rings, but they won't really have a ceremony or anything.

Who will grow old and grey together?

Carrie and Yugi/Yami/Jonouchi depending on the the story. Jessica and Mokuba, Kara and Yusei, and Kahlan and Crow.
Star and Tails and Fang and Alicia.

Is there anyone that won’t grow old?

Mirage, AI, Feena, Vixen, etc. for different reasons I won't go into here.

How about kids?

Carrie will have a couple, regardless of who she's with, a boy and a girl.
Jessica and Mokuba will have four, two boys and two girls.
Kara and Yusei won't have kids themselves, but their friends will be surrogates for three for this couple, two girls and a boy.
Kahlan and Crow will have one boy.
Feena and Knuckles will have a girl and a boy, and then with Shadow (long story) she has one boy.
Star and Tails will have three boys.
Fang and Alicia adopt three girls and two boys.
Vixen and Raphael will have three boys and a girl.

Enough with the family stuff! Any characters with disabilities?

Uh...Is having to feel the pain of every living thing a disability? Otherwise, that is an area I'm generally lacking in...

One last question… what are the races of your characters?

AI~computer program based off Japanese ethnicity
Feena~arctic fox Mobian
Star~koala Mobian
Fang~jackal Mobian
Alicia~mouse Mobian
Vixen~fox mutant

Thank you again for doing this! Now.. Tag people!

Do it if you want, I don't tag people. :P
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